Taxi Cab Services San Francisco

Luxor Cabs provides quality airport taxi cab services in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area.

For nearly 100 years, Luxor Cabs has been San Francisco’s premier taxi company transporting people to all of the Bay’s important points of interest, including San Francisco International Airport and Oakland International Airport as well as the San Jose International Airport.

Airport transportation can be difficult and stressful.  When you have to be at an important meeting or are ready to take that longed-for vacation, you do not want a missed flight to interrupt your plans.  Being at the airport on time is extremely important, and Luxor Cabs provides on-time, comfortable airport rides from all areas of San Francisco.

Largest Service Area Of Bay Area Cabs

Luxor Cabs has one of the largest service areas of any Bay Area cab company.  Passengers can arrange for transportation from the airport into the heart of the city or, by arrangement, out of town to San Jose, the Napa Valley or other spots of interest in the region.

Further, Luxor Cabs can be reserved for tours of San Francisco for visitors to the Bay Area.  A Luxor Cab professional can pick you up at the airport, transport you to the city and give you a tour of the beauties of this lovely metropolis before dropping you at your hotel.

Airport transportation can be arranged in advance at any time, including weekends.  Advance airport transportation is available by calling Luxor Cabs at (415) 282-4141,by filling out an online form, or sending a text to (415) 988-2191.  Simply give your information to the operator or include your phone number online and give the time your flight lands; a Luxor Cab will be waiting for you.

Paratransit?  No Problem

For airport passengers with mobility issues, Luxor Cabs provides the largest paratransit fleet in the city.  Luxor Cabs drivers are trained to handle passengers in wheelchairs, those who use walkers and others who are limited in their mobility.  With the latest in vehicle technology including ramps and other mobility aids, Luxor Cabs can provide transportation from any hotel in the area to the airport or from the airport to any city location.

Luxor Cabs is the premier cab company in the city.  Since 1928, Luxor has been providing service to all areas of San Francisco for those who need quality, safe and professional transportation.  Today, Luxor is proud to lead the way in providing 21st century transportation to and from the airport and other major points in the city.