Luxor Cabs Ramp Taxi Service

Paratransit is a term used to describe transportation that is accessible for those with special mobility issues.  Luxor Cabs is proud to host the largest paratransit fleet of any cab company in San Francisco.  Among our paratransit vehicles are taxis and vans with ramps for wheelchairs.  These ramp taxis are available 24 hours per day at the same price as our regular cabs.

No matter what time of day or night you need paratransit assistance, Luxor Cabs is always there.  We can arrange for routine transportation to doctors or hospitals or for transportation for visitors with mobility needs.

Wheelchair Access and More

Luxor Cabs takes its commitment to the needs of paratransit passengers very seriously.  Our drivers are trained to handle all types of mobility needs, including passengers who use a wheelchair.

Our paratransit taxis come equipped with wheelchair ramps, locks for wheelchairs to prevent sliding or rolling, space for luggage and other devices designed to help wheelchair passengers ride safely and comfortably.  Our drivers are trained to load, unload and drive paratransit passengers with the utmost attention to safety so that families can feel safe about sending their loved ones with us.  At Luxor Cabs, we take the time to ensure that your travel is a pleasant experience and that your needs are met fully and completely.

All of our paratransit vehicles are professional inspected and serviced on a regular basis and meet all city, county and state criteria for paratransit transportation.  We take your safety and comfort seriously and ensure that all passengers are transported with compassion and dignity.
If you need special transportation service or help, 415-282-4141.  Luxor Cabs will be glad to help you fill your transportation needs, no matter what mobility issues you may face, and get you to your destination safely and comfortably.

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