Luxor Package Delivery Service 

If you have a day or two, there are plenty of ways to get a package from your location to almost anywhere in the world. Of course, that only applies if you use a package delivery service that offers worldwide coverage. When you simply want to get a package from your location to another one across town, it is actually more difficult to send it using one of these private delivery services than it is to simply hand it to a driver who can take it for you!
Unfortunately, the United States Postal Service and many private carriers do not offer instant door-to-door service within town. Therefore, Luxor Cabs may be a great way to deliver your package within an hour or two rather than having to wait for days.

How Can I Send Packages With Luxor Cabs?

Luxor Cabs offers package delivery throughout San Francisco. The following conditions apply to all package delivery:

  • Package must fit safely in the vehicle
  • Driver must be able to handle the package alone from a size and weight standpoint
  • Standard metered taxi rates apply from pickup to delivery
  • Delivery is only available to locations where a driver can safely and legally park

Luxor Cabs reserves the right to refuse to deliver any packages that do not meet these criteria. Luxor Cabs can also refuse to deliver any packages it deems inappropriate.
If you have a package you want to get across town quickly, without waiting for the post office or a national delivery service, contact Luxor Cabs. We can rush your important packages to their destinations within hours instead of days and give you guaranteed delivery every time.
Contact us today for more information on how Luxor Cabs can deliver packages for you throughout the city of San Francisco.